Wagging Tail Boarding Kennel





David and Joan Bayly

PO Box 271 Heffley Creek B.C. V0E1Z0

1328 Heffley Louis Creek Rd.

Phone; 250 578 8099

Fax; 250 578 8092

Email; waggingtail@xplornet.com

We are located in Heffley Creek B.C., approx. 25 km north of Kamloops on the north exit road to Jasper (Hwy 5 Yellowhead).You will pass 3 sets of traffic lights, then look for signs to Heffley Creek and Sun Peaks. Turn up the Sun Peaks road at the Heffley store and follow the road approx. 8.25 km. Just past the Knouff Lake Road, watch for the signs for the "Wagging Tail" on your right (Second driveway). Right at the driveway you'll see a small metal sign showing a skier that says 24km.

Our kennel is made up of 10 indoor/outdoor runs. Each run is 4ft wide x 6ft long inside and 4ft x12ft outside. Number 10 is extra large to hold two large breed dogs. The inside is heated in winter and cooled in the summer. Included in the extremely low price of $20.00 per day per dog (or $30.00 for two dogs sharing) we provide three to four good walks & play every day - followed by the mandatory treat. We recommend that you bring your dog's own food; less stressful to his system - or if you prefer, we will feed him the 'kennel kibble'. We normally use Iams lamb and rice as the kennel food. We also recommend you bring his bed or a blanket or towel that will have familiar scent on it; or if it's easier, we can supply a mat to be laid on the pallet/cot we provide to every dog (to keep them elevated above the cement floor).

Att'n skiers.....We also offer doggy day care.

We also have 4 kennels for cats. Cats are charged $15.00 per day. The "condo's" are three levels high with the bathroom at ground level, the dining room on the mid level and the observation lounge/bedroom up top. The top level in each kennel has a window that overlooks the fenced yard and the ever-popular bird feeder. This all comes completely furnished!!

You are very welcome to double up in all the kennels, as they are large enough to house two.

We have two+ acres of fenced play area for recreation as well as a separate fenced area where the smaller dogs can safely play. We offer loving and friendly care for your pet and the best service in the Thompson Valley. Come see our facilities and judge for yourself.

Our hours are 9:00am to 6:00pm 7 days a week.

We are very small (and apparently popular) so please try to make your reservation well in advance, particularly for weekends & holidays.